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Submitted on
July 23, 2013


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Tue Jul 23, 2013, 2:14 PM

so I've always wanted a really evil verision of Paint owo so far the 2p verision of her has worked as an evil side for her buuuut I now realise that she is more of an annoying/hyper charactor than evil! 
So, I've decided to make it into a contest becuse I am really bad at designing new creative designs! :XD: and becuse contest are fuuun! uwu

so here is what you do, 

you are to design me a horror/vampire/rage/creepy/insane/evil verision of paint c: (you can choose from any of those or combine them it dosen't matter just as long as it fits a more evil side of her ^^ ) 

Here are a few pics of Paint owo 
Paint refrence by BeCarefulPaint2p!?? by BeCarefulPaintCM: Caught in a Trap by iZenaku
Herr Professor? by BeCarefulPaint

Just to make it claer, you don't have to use her ed bow :XD: you probebly know this but since it seems alot of people use it I wanted to make that clear. 
Also you can do watever you like with her colours owo 
dosen't matter if it's grey or purple or red/grey/purple ewe I wanna see some creative beautiful colours ye  c: 

oh and some new accesorys would be nice c: ye
My tip is also to maybe make the design inspired by this texture owo Texture 45 by xnienke

there aren't any rules, just please don't steal other peoples entries! And use your own lineart please D: 
oh and you can enter as many times as you like ^^

there just to help you a bit c: I will be judging based on design not art ^^ 
 I hope at least some people will join this contest xD got any questions just ask!!!
!!now to prices!!

Second place:
A small chibi c: 
Got your crown by BeCarefulPaint
and a simpel drawing! :)
Comission 1 by BeCarefulPaint

First place:
A full drawn headshot/half body realistic picture of your charactor that will be lineless and shaded like this one:
The power of three by BeCarefulPaint
and a detailed sketch like this one c: 
I'm kind of a big deal by BeCarefulPaint

EVIL paint. Contest entry by rABNORMAL2p Paint Entry by SpiritFluffehHuskyPaint von Krolock entry by Hawk-eon<da:thumb id="387683955"/>CE: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by EllaScout
Tili-Tili Boom by IncuriousCatPaint is no more Screen Shot by KaseyCuddlesEvil Paint by Flightless-Ferret.:Contest Entry:. Paint All Evil by MindfulDreamsGorey Paint by EllaScoutEyeless paint by Fluffasaur-PandaEvil Paint by Kittycatangel101Halloween Paint :contest entry: by SwimmButtEvil Paint Ref (Contest entry) by Silvy-FretCourrupt Paint by ThewolfofdarkReplacement Paint- for BeCarefulPaint by tGWaHFLady Paintness ( Contest Entry) by Badgerstar1CE - Mad!Paint by Space-StormPaint contest entry by Nightclaw5938Contest Entry- BeCarefulPaint by The-Rainy-Wolf<da:thumb id="387927724"/>Evil paint contest entry by ArteracyCE:BeCarefulPaint by CaptinShadyMcButtsEvil Paint Contest Entry :D by bearhugbooyahJaakuna by RudyBabyBoyCE: I've been dreaming of blood on the walls by AmerikatAnti Paint Contest Entry by Philstock2000<da:thumb id="389199819"/>::Evil Paint Contest Entry:: by KrimsonAppleHorror Paint (Contest Entry) by hayluwolfContest entry yo by xZombieFerretEvil Paint Contest Entry by cloudblaze24Blood lust Paint by MerdragonEvil Paint Contest Entry by PandoraPotatoSpazz.:Paint:.~Contest Entry by StealthythekittyAnother Contest Entry by ShiadeVirus Paint entry by DuskRipperEvil paint competition entry (version 2) by Sirtainly[CE] Evil Paint by classydove<da:thumb id="388221160"/>Evil paint .:CONTEST:. by MiddyLPSSkull Toss(contest entry) by Sush1Doodle<da:thumb id="388330174"/>Contest Entry- BeCarefulPaint by The-Rainy-Wolf<da:thumb id="387927724"/><da:thumb id="389997380"/>Paint by sandy01234Paint evil design CE by Gamegirl98Contest Entry Paint by xSpickeyxPaint :CE: by Swift-The-KittyCount Paintula contest entry by WalaguEvil Paint Entry by CheezBugerz<da:thumb id="390459845"/>creepy horror paint (contest entry) by MakaruuEntry for BeCarefulPaint by TehSpaceSnake

Skin by pica-ae (modified by BeCarefulPaint)
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TehSpaceSnake Aug 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
hey I placed my entry but I don't see it on the list here, here it is again just in case:…
CheezBugerz Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I might still enter :3

if I can

BeCarefulPaint Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure ^^ just get it in today!
CheezBugerz Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
okai thank u ^^
Makaruu Aug 3, 2013  Student Filmographer
i was just wondering did you get my entry? cause i dont see it under the entries uwu
BeCarefulPaint Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh that was what I was talking about in my last journal haha!
Just send me a link there and I'll add it ^^
Makaruu Aug 3, 2013  Student Filmographer
haha ok here it is… :) its not that good but i tried
when's the deathline? DX
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